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Vidmonial 2.0

Triple Your Conversions By Collecting High-Converting Video Testimonials in Just 5 Easy Steps!

What Is Vidmonial 2.0?

The fastest and easiest way to collect and drive traffic to your offers online is through video testimonials.

Vidmonial V2 is a complete video marketing tool that captures, edits, and markets both text and video testimonials all-in-one. With this tool, your customers will find it easy to record video reviews easily.

Using Vidmonial 2.0 is very easy as you only need to follow the following steps:

Step 1- Encourage your customers to leave a video review:

  • You can incentivize buyers of your products to leave a video testimonial in exchange of a coupon code, bonus guide, or any discount you may have

Step 2- Customers record the review quickly:

  • This software makes it easier for one to record a video with just a click through their desktop and also mobile phones.
  • There is also the option to have them leave a review in text format.

Step 3- Edit the testimonials:

  • You can edit your video testimonials by adding customized elements such as graphics, music, text, CTAs, music, and more to transform it from a boring testimonial to an exciting marketing piece.

Step 4- Market the video with widget and display technology:

  • You can embed your video using new templates or showcase it alongside other similar product on this new Vidmonial 2.0.
  • You can even add a social proof widget to increase conversions.

Step 5- Share testimonials to social networks:

  • In just a click, you can share your testimonials to different social networks to increase traffic and get more leads.
  • Instead of creating more videos, have your customers create video testimonials for you and use them in your blogs, Facebook ads, sales pages, YouTube channels, etc.

How Does Vidmonial 2.0 Software Work?

=>Vidmonial 2.0 Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

Vidmonial 2.0 Features:

[+] Mobile compatibility:

  • In the previous version, Vidmonial was not compatible with mobile, but in version 2.0, customers can now record video testimonials using their mobile devices in this version.

[+] Simple customization:

  • You can turn regular video testimonials posted by your customers into valuable marketing pieces that help you sell and market your products more.
  • This software comes with a video editor that allows you to add background, music, graphics, and more easily to your videos.

[+] Social proof widget:

  • You can collect text and video reviews for a product and showcase them in one customizable widget to boost your conversions and social proof.
  • By showing your video reviews, all-at-once in a customizable widget can help increase your traffic.

[+] Different ways of embedding videos:

  • Make your video testimonials look great and brand new by embedding templates.
  • You can choose from four different ways to integrate your testimonials so it fits your layout and sales page style.

[+] Capture video reviews and text reviews:

  • If you want to have your customers post text reviews, Vidmonial 2.0 facilitates that.
  • If you need video reviews only, you can have Vidmonial V2 offer this option exclusively.
  • And if you want to have both text reviews and video reviews for a more advanced campaign, this software can handle that.

[+] DFY customizable offers access:

  • Vidmonial 2.0 allows you to create a bonus page where you showcase all the bonuses you are offering in one page.
  • This will boost your engagement and interaction with your users who left the testimonial.

[+] Share to social networks:

  • You can syndicate many more video and social networks with just a click to drive more traffic to your offers and increase your brand awareness.

[+] 1-click to creating video capture pages:

  • You can easily replace your 2- or 3-page low-converting page video capture pages with a single, fast-loading pages that ensure higher conversion.

[+] Hide/show captured testimonials:

  • This comes in handy when your product has received negative or unfair feedback that can dent the name of your product or brand.
  • You can choose to hide or show a review in your social proof widget campaign to ensure higher conversions.

[+] Create testimonial generating cloud campaigns:

  • You can easily create cloud campaigns that are fully hosted with Vidmonial 2.0 to help you capture video testimonials and give incentives all on autopilot- you don’t need to code or install anything.

[+] Live video capture technology:

  • You can have your visitors record live videos to make your campaign go viral.

[+] Display video testimonials anywhere:

  • You can showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes anywhere on the internet such as on Shopify, WordPress, HTML, Clickfunnels, etc.

[+] Capture star ratings and written feedback:

  • In addition to video testimonials, Vidmonial 2.0 enables you to capture star ratings, written feedback, and profile pictures to showcase to prospective buyers to boost conversion.

[+] Commercial rights included:

  • You can offer to get video testimonials for more businesses.
  • Businesses are in need of video testimonials since they want to boost their credibility.
  • You can be their go-to person by capturing video testimonials for them

[+] Zero learning curves:

  • It is easy to set up new campaigns without having technical skills.
  • In fact, you can start collective great video reviews on autopilot without knowing how to code.

BONUS #2: Agency Rights To


A Cloud-Based Software that Converts Any Normal Video into an Attention-Grabbing VIRAL VIDEO MEME, and Boosts Video Views Almost Instantly!

What Is VidViral?

VidViral is an easy-to-use, cloud-based tool that turns ANY video into a viral traffic getting magnet with just a few clicks of your mouse.

How Does VidViral Work?

=>VidViral Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

THERE ARE JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS To Converting Normal Videos To VIRAL Videos With VidViral:

[+] Step#1:

  • Upload A Video From YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Your Desktop Computer, Or Your Mobile Device

[+] Step#2:

  • Add attention grabbing headers and footers with text, images, emojis, and more, with just a few clicks of your mouse…. Customization is a breeze and doesn’t require any special skills or experience!

[+] Step#3:

  • Render the video in the cloud and download your new video or share to any social media site with just one click.

VIDVIRAL IS PACKED WITH FEATURES Designed To Get You FREE Traffic And Make You Money:

[+] Get Traffic In Minutes:

  • With Vid Viral you can have an arsenal of traffic getting videos with just minutes of work.

[+] Source Videos From Multiple Sources:

  • YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Your Desktop Computer, Or Your Mobile Device

[+] Create Viral Traffic Video Memes Without Any Design Or “Tech” Skills:

  • It’s easy to customize your video headers and footers with the easy-to-use, graphical user interface and ‘drag and drop’ editor that’s inside VidViral. This software is simple and doesn’t require any special “tech” or video editing skills. It’s 100% newbie-friendly.

[+] Create Video Memes In Any Language:

  • You can use ANY language you want in your headers and footers, and Vid Viral even has a built-in translation feature so you can target anyone… anywhere in the world!

[+] Customizing Your Newly-Created Viral Videos Is As Easy As A Point And A Click With Our ‘Drag And Drop’ Editor:

  • Easily add logos, images, watermarks, or any other character or image you want… With VidViral, everything is 100% customizable and resizable with a drag and a drop so you can make your videos memes look just how you want them!

[+] Fully Customisable Background:

  • You get options to change background color for header and footer as well as upload your own images for best results. You can also adjust the height of header and footer as per your convenience.

[+] Thousands Of Images And Characters Included:

[+] Integrated With YouZign For Even More Images:

  • Pull images directly from YouZign for even more quality images you can use in your video memes.

[+] Render In The Cloud:

  • Rendering is all done in the cloud, so it works without slowing down your computer so you can work on other things while you videos render.

[+] Share Videos On Social Media With A Click:

  • It’s easy to share your videos on social media with a single click…or simply download and use as you wish.

[+] Optimized For Mobile:

  • Because Vid Viral is mobile compatible, you can even upload, edit, and render videos RIGHT from your mobile device… This makes it easy to create traffic-getting videos from ANYWHERE!

[+] Nothing To Install:

  • Because VidViral is hosted in the cloud, there’s never anything install… ever!

[+] It’s Never Been Easier To Get Viral Traffic:

  • Just login, find videos, customize them, and Vid Viral does t he rest for you…
VidViral Results

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List Building School

Anyone who is sick and tired of not making money online… How To Make Money On Demand With A Profitable Email List! Learn The Insider Secrets On Building And Growing A Profitable Email List! Would you like to make a healthy 6 figure income from your email list?

What if YOU, without any experience or expertise could create a profitable email list that actually makes you money? Learn the exact step-by-step method to build profitable email lists, then rinse and repeat the method! Finally learn the skill which can create you the passive income lifestyle, where your list makes you profits 24/7, 365 days a year! And much MUCH more…

You will discover:

– Why building an email list is the best thing you can do online.

– Exactly what the process is of building a profitable list.

– How knowing your audience supercharges any list-building efforts.

– What tools you must have to build a list.

– How to drive targeted visitors to your landing page so you can build a list FAST.

– What you need to do once people join your list, if you don’t do this your list is as good as dead.

– Exactly how to turn your list of email addresses into money in the bank (the right way)

– How to make long-term profits when you do this one thing!

– How this one asset can bring you 6 to 7 figures by itself!

– And Much Much More!


Reputation Management Madness

5 Step-By-Step Training Videos. Learn How To Manage Your Online Business Reputation And Get Them Back…


Google My Business

Here is an excellent opportunity to harness all the persuasive power of Google My Business Platform, claim your business on Google Maps, building your website’s authority and make a killing.


7 Figure Mastery Upgrade Package

Unlike most internet marketing courses out there that covers just 1 or 2 methods… this one has several! Organized into 32 parts, this epic course is all you need to know on how to start one – or MULTIPLE successful 7 figure online businesses!


Avatar Academy





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High Paying Clients Secrets Upgrade Package

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Client Engagement On Facebook

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HD Video Motion Backgrounds

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18 Pixel Inspired Business Cards PSD Templates



Offline Lead Videos Vol. 1


Offline Lead Videos Vol. 2


Offline Lead Videos Vol. 3


Offline Niche Onslaught


Fast Offline Profits


Offline Cash Super Hero


Offline Marketing Infographic Megapack


Offline Eclipse


WOW Presentations 2.0

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Offline Authority Content Kit

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Offline Marketing Tips Niche Blog

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Offline Marketing Manager Software

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Offline Credibility Advanced Kit

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Hidden Offline Gem

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Running Your Business Online And Offline

BONUS #16:

Offline Marketing Made Easy

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Market Your Online Business Offline

BONUS #18:

Offline Marketing Madness

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Offline Machine

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Rapid Offline Profits

BONUS #21:

Offline Profits Quickstart

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Offline Bullet Cash

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Offline Business Traffic Strategies

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Weight Loss Whiteboard Videos

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More Whiteboard Videos

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Muscle Building Whiteboard Videos

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List Building Videos

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1000 subscribers in 30 days

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How To Rank Your YouTube Videos

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WordPress List Building Videos

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Cloud Save It

BONUS #32:

View Post Button Fix

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Ever Green Lead System

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Youtube Secrets Weapons

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Youtube Marketing

BONUS #36:

Squeeze Question Plugin

BONUS #37:

Create Video Squeeze Pages

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List Launcher

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Super Fast List Building

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List Building Pro

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WP Slide Optin Plugin

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Set Up Complete Sales Funnel For Free

BONUS #43:

Essential Guide To Sales Funnels

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Product Pricing Wizard

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Magic Link Generator

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Local Lead Booster

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Offline Super Cash

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WP List Build Plugin

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Secure File Eraser

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Legal Pages Generator

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The Beginner’s Guide to Micro Niches

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GFX Apocalypse

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Graphics Mystic V3

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Affiliate Marketing Where The Money Is

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WP Affiliate Rockstar

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Extreme List Building System

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Graphics Wizard

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Local Marketing Made Easy

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Mobile Graphics Toolkit

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Offline Graphics Kit

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Local Marketing Arsenal

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Local Lead Scribe Vol 3

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Local Lead Scribe V4

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Global Countdown

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Local Leadpage Plugin

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Local Marketing Secrets Video

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Graphics Mystic Toolkit V2

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Local Business Plugin

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Six Local Business WP Themes

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Quick Cash With Local Leads

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Digital Graphics Firesale

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Instant Graphic Toolkits

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Offline Riches For Internet Marketers

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WP Offline Pricing Pro Plugin

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KickAss Offline Profits

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Powerful Offline Marketing In The Internet Age

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Expert Offline Informer

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Business Words Used Offline

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Rapid Offline Profits

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Deal Closing Secrets

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5 Quick Ways To Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

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Instant Traffic and Leads

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Evergreen Leads Business Upgrade Package

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Unlimited Leads

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